The Roaring Bulldogs

Feathers, flappers and jazz

Graphic by: Hannah Way I Production Assistant

Halloween 2018 will go back to the 1920s, thanks to a Speakeasy Costume Party being held at the Old Jail in Big Rapids.

The party, hosted by honors history fraternity Phi Alpha Theta, will be 6 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25. The party invites students for a night of music, dancing and ‘20s-inspired costumes.

“Our Halloween party will be on the top floor of the Old Jail. We wanted to do something that appeals to the masses, and we know from pop culture that people romanticize the 1920s. We decided that our Halloween party had to be speakeasy-themed,” Ferris history senior
and Phi Alpha Theta Secretary Meg Corner said.

Passionate about the past, Phi Alpha Theta is a democratic society that holds weekly meetings, goes to conferences and enjoys intelligent conversations about historical topics.

“We knew that we wanted to throw a Halloween party, and we voted on a lot of different ideas. We had so many ideas that we voted on, we even had a medieval party idea, but we thought that a 1920s party is something that a lot of college students would be attracted to,” Ferris
nursing senior Janina Clinton said.

All students are invited and encouraged to wear a “Great Gatsby”-themed costume, but any costume will do. The party will have
dancing, mocktails and food.

Ferris history and digital media junior Stephen Bottke is especially excited about the event.

“The price to get in is $3 a person and $5 a couple. I’m very excited for the party. I’m excited to get a group of people together and just hang out and have fun,” Bottke said.

Party guests are requested to say the password, “Huey sent me,” to be allowed into the party. For more information, contact Corner at