The alternative

When you’re not feeling spooky

Graphic by: Sarah Massey I Production Manager

Ferris chemistry freshman Megan Anderson and many other students will not be celebrating Halloween in the traditional sense this year.

“Growing up, my family just didn’t really celebrate it. We are Christians, and we would go to a harvest party at my church every year, but we never really went trick-or-treating. We would go to the movies on trick-or-treat night,” Anderson said.

Because of this, Anderson never cared for Halloween and hasn’t considered celebrating it since.

“I would feel weird dressing up now. Since I didn’t really grow up with it, I guess I’m not used to it,” Anderson said.

Though many students prefer to go out on Halloween, Ferris marketing freshman Bayley Davis would rather spend the night in with her friends.

“I’ve never really been someone who likes to go out, especially on Halloween. I can only imagine the craziness that goes on. But some friends and I still like to celebrate by hanging out and watching movies,” Davis said.

Davis enjoys a relaxing night in watching classic movies on Halloween such as “Casper” or “Hocus Pocus.”

“Ever since my friends and I started this Halloween tradition, I look forward to it every single year. Life is so busy, and it’s fun to just take a break and relax. I would rather spend a day like that with people who care about me than in a skimpy costume partying,” Davis said.

While some are contemplating their costumes or just plain aren’t celebrating, Ferris pre-nursing freshman Anna Miller can’t wait for Halloween to come and go so she can celebrate the holiday she’s really waiting for.

“I’m really into Christmas. To me, all the other holidays do not compare to Christmas. I just view Halloween as another holiday to get over with, so we can get closer to Christmas, honestly,” Miller said.