Too drunk to dance

We need to do more to stop sexual assaults at Shooters

Guys, stop grinding on random drunk women in Shooters. Quit groping them and trying to kiss them to see how far you can get. It’s sexual assault. Point blank.

I’ve been to Shooters one time this semester and I’ve already had to confront two men about trying to take advantage of a woman who was clearly too drunk to know what was happening, let alone consent. One was trying to take her home; the other groped and kissed her on the dance floor in a matter of seconds before I could break them up.

It disgusts me that I can’t go out to Shooters without witnessing women getting pulled away by their friends because some guy is grinding on them without consent on the busy dance floor. Most of the women I have been to Shooters with have experienced at least that, if not more blatant forms of sexual assault.

If you don’t ask permission, it’s assault. If she doesn’t say yes, it’s assault. If she doesn’t answer, it’s assault. If she’s too drunk to consciously consent — you guessed it — it’s assault.

I don’t blame Shooters’ security at all. Security does a fantastic job and can’t go around asking everyone who’s dancing if it’s consensual; they deal with enough already. I blame the men who go to Shooters to target drunk women and try to bring them home.

People often try to twist words here and say, “So guys can’t dance with girls at the bar anymore?” when in fact I’m saying please stop sexually assaulting women. If you get permission, dance all night. If you’re both sober enough to make conscious decisions, go ahead and go home together. But consent is key.

To the friends of the guys doing these things at the bar, I fully understand how awkward it may be, but you need to confront them or at least get the woman into a safe situation. Not only are they violating women, but they’re also committing a crime.

To anyone who sees sexual assaults happening, you have an ethical responsibility to protect vulnerable people. When you see it taking place, you should inform security.

I love going out on the weekend and I want everyone else to enjoy it, too. But in order for everyone to have a good time, people shouldn’t be victims of assault. Please, just ask for consent. It’s really that easy.