Keep hating eggnog, please

Despite what some say, eggnog is tasty and I love it

Graphic by: Sarah Massey | Production Manager

When asked about the holiday season, it’s either you love it or hate it, right? Well not me. I really love it…Thanksgiving dinner? It’s tasty, everyone can expect that. Christmas? That’s cool, too, feels nice to give and receive every once in a while. But eggnog? EGGNOG? That’s what the holiday season is really about — for me, at least.

My eggnog obsession started way back in elementary school. My first memories when it comes to this are captivated by Christmas decorating and a cup of eggnog. While most people in the house were satisfied after just one cup, it was no surprise when I was back for my second or third. I’m not ashamed to admit the urge has gotten even worse over time.

In high school, I even started anticipating the first day the stores would begin carrying eggnog. In my opinion, November 1 should be the National Eggnog Release Day. I mean, what’s the hold up? The older I get, the earlier in the year I start craving eggnog.

This may sound funny, but coming to Ferris has been the lone reason for my belief in fate. The world worked in my favor when I got to Big Rapids. How? Because the Walmart here sells eggnog year-round!

I’ll never forget when I made this fantastic discovery. It was an ordinary April day of Walmart shopping, and BAM! Eggnog, right there in stock. I couldn’t fully believe it until I checked the expiration date, but I was ecstatic to say the least. I was there for a new half gallon so often, I’m sure I was the only reason forcing them to restock eggnog in the month of June.

If you are someone reading this going “Ew, this guy is gross, I hate eggnog!” then I love you, because I don’t have to worry about sharing with you. On the other hand, if you’re someone going “Wow I’ve never tried eggnog. Maybe I should!” then no, disregard everything you just read. Eggnog is terrible and causes bad grades.

No, I’m kidding, but on a serious note if you’re looking for a nice wholesome beverage to help treat malaria, look no further than eggnog. According to Mobile Cuisine, eggnog was often recommended to treat malaria and other diseases in the 1800s.