Goodbye Poli Sci

Ferris College of Arts and Sciences discontinues two majors

Graphic by: Sarah Massey | Production Manager

Ferris will no longer be offering political science or sociology as majors or minors and will look to replace them moving forward.

The discontinuation of the programs is not immediate, but it will begin by the programs no longer accepting new students. As for the students already majoring or minoring in these programs, they will be able to continue earning their degree in the programs.

“We start the process by not enrolling new students. We then work with all current students to develop the plan for graduation so that every student can finish the program,” Ferris Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Kristi Haik said. “We will make sure that the courses students need will be offered. In fact, we will work with each student to make sure that they have what they need to be successful.”

While the current majors will no longer exist at Ferris, Haik said some of the faculty members involved are already working towards replacing the programs and that the change is to better equip students for the workforce.

“It is very important that Ferris is responsive to students’ needs in finding employment. Part of this is understanding workforce needs and trends in the business world. When Ferris has the opportunity to provide students with a competitive advantage, we should take advantage of it. When you have forward-thinking faculty, like we do, we serve our students best by looking at opportunities,” Haik said. “Discontinuing, or in this case revising, and even renaming majors can give our students a competitive advantage in seeking employment.”

Though the university is making the decision in hopes of bettering students, some were shocked to nd out their majors were being discontinued. Ferris political science junior Edna Marlen, who transferred to Ferris specically for the political science program, said she cried when she first heard the news but is glad Ferris will be working with the students already enrolled.

“It’s nice that I didn’t just spend lots of money not to graduate with a political science major from Ferris,” Marlen said. “I’m just glad I don’t have to transfer and I’ll be able to graduate.”

As for the professors teaching classes in these majors, Haik said that because Ferris will continue to offer the courses that political science and sociology majors need to graduate, along with general education and service courses such as the sociology classes required by the criminal justice program, professors will continue teaching at Ferris as replacement programs are formed.

“I met with the dean, and I know they’re planning on replacing these majors with other ones. I think this will draw more students to attend Ferris with new majors,” Marlen said. “I just hope they put in all their effort to help all of us students and not just push us aside.”