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London, England, UK

Prince Philip, the 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, was recently involved in a car accident while driving his Land Rover. Two women were in the opposing vehicle; one suffers a broken wrist, while the other has cuts on her knee. They were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Prince Philip and a child in the other vehicle were not injured. Her Majesty The Queen was not present at the scene.

Original article by Palko Karasz, Jan. 17, 2019. The New York Times.

Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, Mexico

At least 21 people were killed and more than 70 people were injured in an explosion of a gas pipeline in the Mexican state of Hidalgo 121 km north of Mexico City. According to authorities, the explosion was prompted by an illegal tap used to steal fuel from the pipeline. Mexico is currently in a natural gas crisis, as there is a shortage of fuel and criminal gangs have been allegedly stealing it from the pipelines to resell. A similar pipeline explosion occurred in 2010, which killed 27 people, injured dozens more and destroyed many homes.

Original article by Alan Yuhas, Jan. 18, 2019. The New York Times.

Rome, Italy

After an inatable dinghy carrying African migrants began to deflate off the Libyan coast, 117 of the passengers died. Three survivors were discovered and rescued by the Italian Navy and brought to shore on a southern Italian island. The survivors, who are believed to be from countries in West Africa and Sudan, said that the dinghy began to deflate 10 hours after departing from a coastal town in Libya. The survivors had hypothermia and burn scars.

Original story by Gaia Pianigiani, Jan. 19, 2019. The New York Times.