Suitemate etiquette

You aren’t living alone

Graphic by: Sarah Massey | Production Manager

This opinion is strictly based on what should be acts of common sense and human decency. This opinion is not directed against any person(s) because of their ethnic background or upbringing.

I am not the neatest person on the planet, but I still like things in a particular order. Occasionally I’m too tired to remember to take my underwear out of the bathroom in the mornings when I’m done getting dressed. I am not a perfect person, so I don’t have room to stand on most issues concerning a space shared between two people.

However, when I’m the only one buying and replacing the toilet paper, and nearly tripping over the bathroom trash bin because it was placed in front of my door (it did need to be taken out, but really) — that’s where I draw a thick line.

To all of the suitemates and roommates out there reading this who have skimped on letting their other suitemates and roommates know they were running low on toilet paper or paper towel: you’re an adult, go buy it yourself or speak up about it.

Public service announcement: the bathroom is a bathroom. Not a living room, not a parlor, not a room meant to be used as an entertainment facility when you have guests over. The bathroom is meant for relieving oneself, cleaning oneself and occasionally cleaning dishes. It is not intended for you to leave two of your fruit snack wrappers on the vanity.

Suitemates and roommates are not designated to be one another’s housemaids. Responsibilities — cleaning dishes, taking out the trash, buying the toilet paper or shampoo — should be shared and everyone should step up to do their part, maybe even a little extra when they can.

Just because you aren’t living with your family when you go to college doesn’t mean you are living 100 percent on your own. You’re still sharing space with another human being, even if you don’t see them that often.

Take care of your shared spaces like the adults you should be.