Chat with the chief: Love isn’t just about romance

Ah, Valentine’s Day: the time for lovebirds to share their happiness with the world, and the time for single people to be bitter about it.

Or is it?

Although people associate Valentine’s Day with romance, I think people have departed from strictly celebrating love on the holiday. Instead, it’s become normalized to use this day to show your friends and family how much you love them, as well as your significant other, if you have one.

However, some people are still so bothered by V-Day. Whether their disapproval stems from not being in a relationship or from hating people being happy, I don’t know. Nevertheless, I think we need to get things back on track and honor what Valentine’s Day is really about: love.

Love comes in many different forms, whether it’s love for your boyfriend, your parents or your dog. I just don’t think we should limit the celebrations of Valentine’s Day to romance only, when love goes so much deeper than that.

So this Feb. 14, if you find yourself dreading the day because you don’t think you have anyone to spend it with, think again. Look around you – your family and friends are very viable options for your Valentine this year. We live in an age of Galentine’s Day (thanks, Leslie Knope) to celebrate your friends (and I don’t think we should limit this to lady friends either. Guys, get in here).

Don’t have a lot of friends? No worries. Spend a day practicing self-care and doing your favorite things. You don’t have to love anyone else when you love yourself.

And if you’re single and you see some couple all over each other in person or making mushy Instagram posts about the other, don’t be cynical about it. Shoot them a smile, press that like button, whatever.

This is from a single woman preaching to all single people out there. If you’re in love and want to celebrate it on Valentine’s Day, go for it. I am so happy for you. If you’re single and feeling “forever alone,” know that you’re not.

So go out there, buy your body weight in snacks and make some cute paper valentines to give to your gang. Get a group together, go to dinner, have some laughs.

If all else fails, just remember the best part about the holiday: Feb. 15, when all the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are half off.