Happy Gal-entine’s Day

Spending the day of love with those you love

While there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Ferris pharmacy P1 Britney Ama takes an untraditional route by celebrating Galentine’s Day with her friends.

“I celebrate Galentine’s Day because it’s just a fun, cute way to spend quality time between you and your girls with a full day of pampering ourselves,” Ama said.

For Ama, Galentine’s Day typically involves spending the day with friends and sharing a gift exchange. While sometimes she and her friends go out on the holiday, this year, Ama’s planning a study session with her Galentine.

“Galentine’s Day is just a reminder to me and my friends that you don’t need a signicant other to make you feel special,” Ama said.

While Ama likes to spend the day with her friends, she doesn’t discount the holiday altogether.

“I just think that Valentine’s Day should be like an everyday thing, but you don’t need to break the bank to show how important someone is to you and that goes both ways in a relationship,” Ama said.

With Valentine’s Day landing on a weekday, Ferris pharmacy P1 Mallory Karmo will also be spending her Thursday studying and catching up on schoolwork.

“If I had a significant other, I would like to say I would celebrate with them, but I don’t have one,” Karmo said. While some will be studying, Ferris history and Spanish sophomore Sean Lausin will be spending the evening with his girlfriend. Lausin is planning a night out with dinner and owers in celebration of the holiday.

As Lausin plans a night of romance, Ferris physical therapy freshman James Kendrick plans an evening of surprise as he will be driving down to Western Michigan University (WMU) to surprise a girl he’s been talking to. Kendrick plans on buying her a stuffed bear and chocolates and then taking her out to dinner.

Though Kendrick is heading to WMU this year, he never lets a Valentine’s Day goes by without having a special someone in mind.

“I like to be around people,” Kendrick said. “Usually if I don’t have anyone for Valentine’s Day, I will go do something with my grandma.”

When Kendrick and his grandmother celebrate Valentine’s Day, they watch a movie and go out to dinner.

Graphic by: Hannah Way | Production Assistant