Weekly World News

Berlin, Germany

A German government-appointed commission proposed adding a speed limit to the autobahn, which prompted nationwide disagreements and protests. Discussion of autobahn speed limits in Germany is a very controversial topic. Implementing a speed limit would lower carbon emissions — vehicles currently make up 11 percent of carbon emissions in Germany — and reduce the number of deaths by car collisions. Despite these facts, public opinion still supports a speed limit-free autobahn.

Original article by Katrin Bennhold, Feb. 3, 2019. The New York Times.

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Alexandre Bissonnette, 29, was sentenced to 40 years in prison without the possibility of parole for a terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Bissonnette’s attack in January 2017 killed six people and injured 19 others, including paralyzing one for life. Bissonnette could have been sentenced to up to 150 years in prison, or 25 years for each death, but Justice Francois Huot did not want to deny Bissonnette the possibility of ever leaving prison. President of the Mosque Mohamed Labidi did not think the sentence fit the severity of the crime.

Original article by Dan Bilefsky, Feb. 8, 2019. The New York Times.

Istanbul, Turkey

An eight-story building collapsed in Istanbul, killing at least 15 people and injuring at least 14 others. Officials continue to search for survivors in the wreckage, and a 16-year-old boy was discovered in the rubble two days after. The building collapsed shortly after columns had been severed and a wall demolished during renovations.

Original article by The New York Times, Feb. 8, 2019. The New York Times.