On The Record

Late night snack

Feb. 16, 2:22 a.m., a subject was at a party in Big Rapids and later went to make a purchase when she realized her lanyard with her cards and ID was missing. Someone attempted to use her card at McDonald’s. Officers are still investigating the case.

Unapproved road trip

Feb. 16, 8:48 a.m., a student in McNerney Hall reported someone went into her room, took her car keys and her car. The car was recovered in Kalamazoo, and a suspect has been identied as a non-student who was invited to the residence hall by another student. The investigation is still open.

Gotta get your greens

Feb. 17, 1:09 a.m., officers were dispatched to Brophy Hall due to the smell of marijuana reported by resident advisers. The officers cited two students for being minors in possession of marijuana and referred them to the Office of Student Conduct.

This isn’t a pharmacy

Feb. 17, 4:07 a.m., a resident adviser at Bond Hall got up to do his rounds and reported that when he got back, there were two pills sitting on the front desk. They were prescription drugs, amphetamine-dextroamphetamine, used in treatment of attention-decit/hyperactive disorder and narcolepsy. Officers are still unsure who they belong to, but the case was closed as there was no indication the action was criminal.

Ferris Department of Safety issued 398 tickets from Feb. 17 to 23 totaling $6,600.