Winter blues necessity

Putting cold comfort in context

There is no doubt Ferris has not seen such a hectic winter as this in a long time, and it’s left people cold in more than a physical sense.

A good majority of people always grumble at the mention of winter in Michigan, with the low temperatures, bad roads and the confinement to the indoors. Although these factors make winter seem like an undesirable season, it might be the thing we really need.

Look at what most people mention when talking about winter: the “I wish I were someplace warmer” phrase comes up. The cold can give us appreciation to such places and even encourage us to travel. Would we really want to make Florida a spot to frequent if it was around the same temperature as here?

If vacationing isn’t a drastic change of scenery, you might not be as likely to travel outside of home. There may also be less appreciation of activities such as camping, boating, kayaking or other outdoor activities suited for warm weather.

If you’re not the type to travel, maybe vacations to warmer places aren’t that enticing. If you are a more of a homebound type of person, picking up a hobby might be a valid option for the winter days. Being mostly indoors gives you the excuse to do things that you might have put off for when there is free time.

The winter presents both stationary activities such as reading and writing, as well as winter sports such as snowmobiling and skiing for the more adventurous types of people. You could also explore nearby attractions that you otherwise might not visit, or at least not very often.

Winter offers a more relaxed season to regroup and try new things. You may be pushing yourself to try new things, and finding you like or dislike to do them. Only finding the negative for the winter season will make it that much more grueling.