Springing into new beginnings

Students shed winter funk

Ferris marketing junior William Kronlein shakes his winter funk by doing a little bit of yoga. Photo by: Megell Strayhorn | Multimedia Editor

Spring brings a fresh start for students, as Ferris psychology junior Cassady Guest welcomes Michigan’s warming weather conditions.

Guest, the vice president of registered student organization Active Minds, believes mental health and weather conditions correlate, with springtime bringing a positive change for various students.

“I think springtime changes our attitudes to be more positive because it starts to warm up and to me, that signals the end of the school year. I start to notice it when the days get longer, and the sun is shining more,” Guest said.

Guest mentions how seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects students during the winter, but also how spring helps in breaking those “winter blues.”

Mayoclinic.org describes SAD as a form of depression related to the changing of seasons, with symptoms beginning in the fall and continuing through winter, affecting energy and mood. However, it is seen less in the spring and summer months.

“When conditions are bad, we are cooped up. It sucks, and it’s easy to fall into a negative state of mind. When it gets nice outside, everyone gets really excited, and the campus has a more positive vibe,” Guest said.

For Guest, breaking into a more positive attitude for the springtime involves taking care of herself and using spring break to recharge.

“It’s still early in the year, and people should ask themselves, ‘How does this make me feel?’ And if that something doesn’t benet your mental health, get rid of it. I’m a firm believer in putting yourself.”

First so you can be in the best state of mind to leave your mark on this world,” Guest said.

For other students, such as Ferris public relations freshman Fatima Galvez, spring means the anticipation of summer and enjoying the sunlight and the great outdoors.

“I think students enjoy springtime because even if it’s small changes, it’s the start of a new beginning,” Galvez said.

Like Guest, Galvez saw spring break as a good time to focus on oneself and used her week off as a chance to head back home.

“It gets me away from everything and everyone and allows me to be surrounded by people I know love me and support me,” Galvez said. “I use it to give myself time as well and enjoy my aloneness in a healthy setting.” While many students use spring break to recharge, others take pleasure in merely doing nothing for a few days.

“Spring break helps to give you a space to disconnect,” Ferris English senior Paige Brady said. “It allows a couple of days to just do nothing and lay in bed.”

Treat yo’ self

Springtime is when individuals can start fresh with their lives, with various methods being used to break into those new beginnings. Below is a list of five ways to break into spring:

1. Spring cleaning

Information courtesy of thisisinsider.com

What better way to feel rejuvenated than by going through your home or dorm room and cleaning? Get rid of things you don’t use and better yet, go about organizing and decluttering the home. Anything you don’t want can always be donated.

2. Go camping

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Sure, camping during the summer and early fall is great, but camping during the spring has its benefits, too. Springtime camping means less crowded campsites, bugs are still away for the most part and it’s safer, whereas camping during the summer can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunburns.

3. Digital detox

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Digital detox can mean a variety of things when it comes to technology – this could mean going off the grid for a week, abstaining from your phone for a day or cleansing your social media. The experience can be a bit challenging when living in a digital age, but it’s worth it in the end.

4. Work out

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Working out will not only renew your body, but also refresh your mind. Rather than workout indoors, with the snow beginning to melt, push yourself to go outside and soak in the sun when going for a jog or participating in yoga.

5. Treat yourself

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“Parks and Recreation” characters Donna and Tom had the right thing in mind when they established a day to “treat yo’ self.” While this spring time fresh start method is a little costly, it can be rejuvenating in the long run. Treat yourself by planning for a music or art festival, go shopping or taking yourself to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try.