“you was sitting so sexy i couldn’t stop looking”

It is creepy, not endearing

I don’t know if it is just me or what, but I attract some of the strangest people.

I was super excited to be asked to photograph the Harlem Globetrotters when they came to Ferris in March. I remember watching them on Scooby-Doo when I was little! The event was great and I was getting some really awesome shots. To make it all better, I had never been treated like such a professional before. It was the first time that so many people asked me for a business card. Not having one, I was giving out my email and phone number to the people who asked for it, not really thinking much of it.

One of the players on the team most famous for losing, the Washington Generals, paid me “extra special” attention.

Just like all the other people that day, this individual asked for my email and phone number — no big deal, it happens. The difference between this man and all of the other guys that asked for my information that day is, this guy hit on me. A lot. And very intensely.

He started off friendly saying it was nice to meet me, and then stated, “definitely would like to get to know you better and communicate more. You are everything!! (2 hand praising emojis).” I did not understand what he meant by “everything,” and at this point he had called me beautiful and gorgeous a few times, but I didn’t want to automatically accuse him of flirting. We met under professional circumstances, after all.

I responded with, “Haha I don’t understand what you mean by everything, I am just a photographer.” His response was, “Everything meaning you are beautiful!!! You seem like a great person. I want to get to know you lol you caught my attention as soon as I seen you.”

I think I solved it. He IS hitting on me. By no means did I want to lead this guy on, so I responded with, “As friends? I think I may have misunderstood the situation when you asked for my number, I am terribly sorry!” I didn’t want to be mean, and I didn’t want him to feel bad, it takes a lot of courage to ask someone out.

He responded with, “It’s OK, and friends is good then (eye rolling emoji) lol.” This led me to believe he understood and respected the fact that I am in a relationship, a little confused about the eye-rolling, but I moved on. He started asking for my social media, what I was doing after classes, and even went on to say, “we should def plan something.”

I once again reiterated that I have a boyfriend. His response was to state that he was rolling his eyes. I do not understand, was he wanting my boyfriend to come on this meetup? I don’t even know where he lives. What distance is he planning to travel to hang out with a girl who has a boyfriend?

At this point I started ignoring him, figuring he would get the message and stop talking to me. I was wrong. He did not get it. He started sending messages stating, “you were sexy as hell in jeans at the game, I like!!!!! your body is perfect! You look really good and your body is super nice!”

First off, this guy’s grammar and lack of ability to capitalize the letter “i” (as well as the first letter at the beginning of his sentences) was already causing me cringe; secondly, why is this guy making such a big deal about how I look? It does not make me feel good, just self-conscious about being stared at.

I tried to get him to realize that I am nothing to glorify. I responded saying, “hahah nah there are some super great looking people at the school here, I am like average,” kind of laughing off his comments, trying to keep it light.

He responded with, “I seen alot of woman at the game and you by far caught my attentions. If I was at that school you would def be mine already. And that face and body is not average. You look super flexible too. The way you were sitting made me guess that. Like I had to make sure me and you stayed in touch lol.”

Now I am really uncomfortable, and I have so many questions. I didn’t notice this guy during the game, but apparently, he was staring at me during a lot of it. Shouldn’t he have been playing basketball? What does he mean by “you would def be mine?” Do I not get a choice in this hypothetical scenario? Does he know that “a lot” is — in fact — two words? Does his phone not have an autocorrect function?

I know text messages don’t have to be perfect, but they should at least be clear of basic mistakes.

I continued to ignore him, figuring he would get the message. He sent another text saying, “you was sitting so sexy i couldn’t stop looking.” Now I am uncomfortable, confused and self-conscious about the way I sit. I didn’t know that the way I sit could be distracting. If high schools can penalize people for distracting shoulders, what would I have done if I was being penalized for sitting, too? I was sitting criss-cross-applesauce trying to stay out of everyone else’s way, while still getting the photos I needed. How is that sexy? The things that some people find attractive are beyond my understanding.

This guy texted me a few more times since these text messages, but I have continued to ignore him, and he has since stopped trying to talk to me.

There are two major points that I would like everyone to learn from my encounter: “a lot” is two words, and don’t stare at me when I am sitting.

It is creepy, not endearing.