Chat with the chief: #DartySzn

With the snow melted and the temperatures rising, it can only mean one thing: darty season is here.

For those who don’t know, a darty is a “day party,” most commonly taking place outside (but really, you can darty anywhere). A good darty is a college staple. It is a good excuse for students to day drink and party outside while the weather is nice. And at this point in the semester, many of us need it.

Personally, I’m all for it. There’s nothing wrong with drinking the day away and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Dartying is the perfect way to relax, and it allows people to stay in at night if they want. (Or go out and keep partying. Whatever floats your boat.)

What isn’t okay, however, is treating the environment with blatant disregard while doing so.

‘Tis the season for Natty Light cans to be strewn all over frat houses’ front yards, with empty cases of beer littering the road.

In the winter, this isn’t a problem because everyone drinks inside — whether it’s in their apartment, at a house party or at the bar. But once it starts heating up and everyone does their partying outside, it’s a different story.

I get it. When you’re drunk and partying and just trying to have fun, the first thing on your mind isn’t how you’re going to clean up afterwards. And that’s fine. However, eventually, the party will end and the yard will remain a mess. Whether you want to or not, you’re going to have to do something about it.

Don’t just say you’re going to clean it up in the morning: actually follow through with it. You’d clean up the inside of your house after throwing a party (I mean, at least I hope you would) so don’t just leave empty cans and bottles to roll into the streets and ditches. Don’t allow empty cardboard boxes to fly through the air with abandon.

It takes an extra two seconds to have some consideration for the environment. When you finish a drink, put the can in a container so it can be recycled later. If you’re going to just throw these things on the ground, at least do it inside so you know it will be taken care of.

So, go ahead. Darty your heart out. Enjoy spending time outside in a T-shirt and shorts without turning into a Popsicle.

Just remember: it’s not the environment’s fault you chose to have your party outside rather than in. Clean up after yourself so the environment doesn’t have to face the consequences.