Parks and wrecked

The sun is out and there’s nowhere to go

Imagine you go outside with your friends after a long winter, and you take in a breath of fresh air. Then you guys proceed to walk over to a nice sitting area and enjoy being outside.

This could be Ferris students if we had a place to enjoy being outside.

Now that spring has finally made an appearance and the school year is coming to a close, students are starting to trickle out to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The problem with that is there aren’t many places to sit and enjoy the sunshine. The residents who live around Bond Circle have the Obelisk to sit at, but I don’t expect anyone from the main side of campus or commuters to unnecessarily trek to the west side of campus just to get some Vitamin D. I think it would be nice if the university could have a couple of outside community areas.

If Ferris were to add some new outdoor areas for people to spend their time, it could promote outside activities such as Frisbee and hammocking. People hammock now, but trees are limited, and a person could spend all day waiting for a spot to open up. Maybe the areas could have a group of poles or trees to allow people to hammock.

Picnic tables and benches with backs could change an entire setting. It would be so cool if I could go outside with my friends and have a picnic or just lounge around on park benches without feeling like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Along with promoting an outdoor presence, I think the sitting areas would encourage meeting new people around campus. This is always a great goal to work towards when ideas for change come around. From experience, I have learned that living in a community has built long-lasting friendships.

The springtime is an excellent time of year for new beginnings. What better way to do that than to have an environment that will attract and facilitate those new beginnings?