Weekly World News

Lisbon, Portugal

A tour bus containing German tourists crashed, killing 29 people and injuring 28 others. The bus, which was carrying 55 passengers, was traveling the Portuguese island of Madeira when it veered off the road near the capital, Funchal, and rolled down a steep hill, hitting at least one house in the process. Preliminary reports indicate that all the dead were German, but the head of the Funchal hospital said the victims had not all been identied, and the nationalities of the dead have not been confirmed. It is unclear whether any non-passengers, such as pedestrians, were killed or injured as a result of the crash.

Original article by the Associated Press, April 17, 2019. The New York Times.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Three professional mountain climbers are missing and presumed dead following an avalanche in a national park in Alberta, Canada. Among the three climbers are American climber Jess Roskelley and Austrian climbers David Lama and Hansjorg Auer. The men were climbing Howse Peak in Banff National Park when they failed to return from their climb. The government agency responsible for the park, Parks Canada, sent aircraft to look for them. The agency discovered traces of multiple avalanches in the area where the three had been climbing. In addition, climbing equipment was found among the debris in the avalanche.

Original story by Ian Austen, April 18, 2019. The New York Times.

Queensland, Australia

A man rescued his 14-month-old son after the child was attacked by a untamed dingo. The dingo dragged the child away from a van around midnight, and the man woke up to the child’s cries before taking action. The father had to fight off several other dingoes other than the one that grabbed his son. The child was taken to a hospital by helicopter and is recovering from surgery for a fractured skull and several puncture wounds. This is the third dingo attack this year on Fraser Island, a tourist destination where dingoes are protected by law.

Original article by Daniel Victor, April 19, 2019. The New York Times.