On the Record

Weed wasn't exciting enough

It got a little heated

May 18, 12:05 a.m., a non-aggravated assault was reported at West Campus Apartments. Witnesses claim the two females were fighting, but both subjects denied it. The prosecutor declined charges.

Gotta play by the rules

June 3, 12:36 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle on State Street for failing to dim their high beams and discovered the subject had a suspended license as a result of being on probation in Calhoun County. The officer contacted Calhoun County to report the violation and handed the case over to them.

Stay away from Mary Jane

June 3, 1:15 p.m., housing staff was checking an apartment in Finch Court and found marijuana in one of the bedrooms. There was nobody home, so officers followed up later and made contact with a student who lived there. The student admitted to possession of marijuana and was cited for being a minor in possession of marijuana and was referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Serious threats

June 12, 9:07 a.m., it was reported that a Ferris employee who was upset made threats about shoot- ing people on campus if they kept messing with him. When police made contact with him, there wasn’t anything criminal but the subject was trespassed from campus for three days while Human Resources investigated. The employee was eventually let back on campus.

Weed wasn’t exciting enough

August 3, 11:20 p.m., an officer made a traffic stop due to a car having a headlight out on Northland Drive and 14 Mile Road. He discovered two passengers had outstanding warrants and arrested them. There was also narcotics and paraphernalia in the car, including heroin. One of the passengers confessed to owning the narcotics and was arrested for heroin possession. None of the subjects were students.