COLUMN: College is a balancing act

Ways to enjoy college life

Now that the first week of classes is out of the way, and every student is getting their plans for the semester in order, I want everyone to remember to have fun.

This may sound silly, especially to the newer students who are going through such a vast transition; but, I think it is important to remember that college is not all about school.

This is not to say that it isn’t the main priority because we are all here to get the knowledge that we need to jump into our careers. But school should not consume everything that we do as students at this university; it simply isn’t healthy.

The majority of the students on this campus pay a lot of money to only go to class when they could be taking advantage of all of the cool opportunities across campus. I have noticed that many students who follow the pattern of waking up, going to class, going home and repeating usually don’t enjoy being here as much.

College life doesn’t just consist of classes, studying, classes, tests and more classes. It also includes new relationships, clubs, cool events and overall personal growth. You can’t possibly experience any of those things by just going to class and staying cooped up in your room. Your grades will be phenomenal, but you might end up becoming unmotivated as the semester progresses. This is something I am still learning how to do myself because balance is key, but I have gotten significantly better at it since my first year at Ferris.

My hope is that everyone on this campus is able to find something that they enjoy doing with people that they enjoy doing it with.