Finding your niche

Making a new home away from home

Logos courtesy of the groups

Moving away is one of the scariest things that happens when beginning adulthood.

Starting up a registered student organization (RSO) on campus is one way students are making themselves feel more at home.

Currently, there are about 220 RSOs on campus. However, if you cannot find the right RSO for you, you can always create your own.

Ferris Coordinator of Activities and Student Organizations Nicholas Smith is the person to talk to about starting up a new RSO. Smith said he gets about 15 to 20 applications a year for new RSOs, although it does vary.

To start an RSO, the group must have at least five students and an advisor. Smith said the potential group would have to make a constitution and do a short presentation to the Student Leadership and Activities Advisory Council (SLAAC). SLAAC is the group that recommends the approval for new RSOs.

“Most groups that go through the process of meeting and presenting to SLAAC get approved,” Smith said. “There are probably another five or six each that do go that far in the process and just fizzle out.”

Ferris offers all kinds of RSOs, from language clubs — like French and Spanish — to athletic clubs — like Sports Careers and Soccer — to career clubs — like American Marketing Association and Public Relations Student Society of America. RSOs usually hold meetings every week or every two weeks. RSOs will hold events on campus, like Battle of the Bands or Super Smash Bros Club.

Joining an RSO also helps students get connected to future employers and get started on job searches. RSOs can also be just for fun. The Running Club strictly meets up to run around Big Rapids and prepare for upcoming races. The Outdoor Club meets up to talk about different camp- ing trips, among other things. However, RSOs must stay up to date to keep their started.

“RSOs need to update their pro les each semester,” Smith said. “They also need to maintain an accurate constitution and complete a few different trainings each year or semester.”

To look through all the RSOs Ferris offers, visit Bulldog Connect through MyFSU. For more information about starting up an RSO, contact Nicholas Smith at


What’s your favorite part about being in an RSO?

“Definitely the community of the members. Each year is a little different, but we always grow closer through our events and fundraisers, and it’s nice having such a diverse group with a common interest. We’re pretty rad and the only requirement to join is that you love the outdoors.” – Ferris product design engineering technology junior and Outdoor Club member Jeff Madison

“My favorite part about being in an RSO is the amount of people I have met. Sports Careers is like a family, and we all work together to help each other succeed. Sports Careers RSO is the best club to join if you are interested in a career in sports. We provide networking opportunities, plan special events and work together to gain experience in the field.” – Ferris sports communication senior and Sports Careers President Jared Ozella

“The people I meet and the connections I make. AMA not only helps me prepare for life after graduation but gives me opportunities every week to meet new people and make new friends.” – Ferris marketing junior and American Marketing Association President Emily Charles

“Having a community that I feel comfortable expressing myself in, and the RSO itself is about something I’m passionate about, so I know I’ll be able to help others who need these kinds of resources. We are open to more than just Hispanic/Latino students. One of our main focuses is to bring awareness of our culture and others.” – Ferris human resource management junior and Hispanic Student Organization Vice President Edith Moreno

“My favorite part about our RSO is the variety of things we get to par- take in. We go on agency tours, we volunteer at different events and places, and we hold fundraisers. The people in the group are great to work with, too.” – Ferris public relations senior and Public Relations Student Society of America President Rylee Davis