Games before the game

The best tailgating activities

Games are permitted at Ferris tailgates and are enjoyed by many while partying before the football game begins.

Drinking games are prohibited, although students can play games such as “beer” pong and ip cup as long as they do not actually include alcohol as part of gameplay.

Here are some fun, creative games you can play at the next Ferris tailgate:

Near-Beer Pong: This is a classic game for college students all around. Two players stand at each end of a table with 10 cups in front of them in a pyramid formation. Teams take turns trying to get their balls into the other team’s cups. First team to clear all their cups wins. The other team takes a sip every time the opposing team makes a cup. Many people come up with house rules for “beer” pong, so be sure to specify yours before you begin.
What you need: a table, 20 cups, two ping pong balls and nonalcoholic beverages

KanJam: KanJam is a game where the players needs to aim a disc at a slot on specially manufactured cans and plunk it into the cans. Similar to bean bag toss (aka Cornhole), one player is stationed at each end. The first player throws the disc and the second player tries to hit into the hole. This game can be challenging and players need an accurate throw. The winners take a drink at the end of each round.
What you need: KanJam and two discs

Poleish: Poleish is a pre-manufactured game that tailgaters can buy. In this game, players set a can on top of a somewhat steady pole and the other team throws discs to try and knock it down. Players must be holding drinks at all times. Players can try to save the can before it falls, but if it does, they must take a swig of their drink.
What you need: Poleish, pop cans, a disc and nonalcoholic beverages

Football Trivia: This game can be made speci cally for whatever football team you are rooting for. All you need to do is create questions such as, “Who was Ferris’ quarterback in 2016?” or “How many games did the Bulldogs win the year they made it to championship?” The winner gets to pick who has to drink.
What you need: notecards and knowledge of your football team

Ladder Ball: Ladder Ball is a childhood favorite made into a fun college game. In addition to keeping a point system, players sip drinks depending on what bar the ropes made it on.
What you need: Ladder Ball and nonalcoholic beverages

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