No knives allowed

Student arrested for carrying knife in Rec Centre

A student was arrested 7:47 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10, after brandishing a knife at the Student Recreation Centre and making threatening comments.

According to the Ferris Department of Public Safety (DPS) report, Deone Agee and a friend went to the SRC to work out and Agee forgot he placed his phone in his backpack. After searching for the phone to no avail, he asked SRC employees to show him security video footage to see where he left it. After they said he would have to file a police report to view the footage, Agee went off to find the phone on his own.

After he found his phone, Agee walked to the front doors and SRC employees reported that Agee had a knife in his hand and said, “I told you I was gonna drop someone.” The employee felt threatened and called DPS.

When officers questioned Agee about the incident, he lied to them about his identity, giving them his brother’s ID and said he did not have a knife. The officers searched his car and detained him based on probable cause. They found the knife and arrested Agee, who was arraigned on three charges: felonious assault, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and disturbing the peace. Agee is currently still in jail.