COLUMN: Ready for action?

Do freshman athletes deserve gameplay, or do they need to earn it?

Do you believe freshman athletes should be able play in the game in their first year in college? Do you believe that athletes in their freshman year should start in the starting five, eleven, etc?

There’s a saying that good things comes to those who wait. Imagine spending all your time in the gym and in the library to ride the bench. I may not be an athlete but if I was to spend my time putting in a lot of effort to get an athletic scholarship and to meet the academic requirements to get into the school I desire to be in, I would want to play in the games and not ride on the bench. I would want to be out on the court or field with my teammates winning championships. I feel freshmen should have the same respect as the other players on the team. Freshmen athletes have the same practice time as the other players, so they should receive the same playing time.

Others will say differently. The reason why freshmen do not usually play or start is because they do not stand out as the other players. Not only that, but they feel that freshmen should focus more on academics and the principles of being a college. That is why they are still required to come to practice as a regular player on the team.

A lot of freshmen do not understand what it is like being a college player because there’s a huge step between high and college sports. Freshmen should acknowledge playing on a college team and the bigger picture. They must understand they have to stand out amongst not just other teams, but amongst themselves.

Should freshmen college students be able to start in the games or should they ride the bench and
wait until the following school year? What are your thoughts?