Chat with the chief: Common courtesy

The phrase is just two simple words. It is just 14 letters long. And yet, as short as it is, too many people seemingly come up short when it comes to actually grasping this concept in its entirety.

The term, which is defined in the dictionary as “politeness that people can usually be expected to show” seems easy enough to understand.

However, I have an announcement to make: The human race sucks.

Now, obviously this doesn’t refer to all people. Many individuals have not only heard of this concept but have implemented it into the fabric of their everyday lives. They’re the kind folks who have this human interaction thing figured out.

Then you get to those individuals who haven’t quite mastered the concept. These people are easily recognized in your daily life. They’re the ones who fail to do things such as holding the door open for the person behind them, or letting someone know if there is a change of plans as to not leave the other individual in the dark.

These are just the most basic examples of the term.

If you want a deeper dive into this concept, think of a relationship, whether it be intimate or just a friendship. Common courtesy when it comes to a relationship can be as simple as respecting the other individual in the relationship or not interrupting them when they talk.

Common courtesy is even relevant when it comes to the end of a relationship. Some people end relationships by text. That’s not common courtesy. Some end relationships without letting the other person speak their mind. That’s not common courtesy.

But now, back to the definition. If the word truly means “politeness that people can usually be expected to show,” then why don’t we hold everyone to that standard? Why don’t we call out those who fail to show common courtesy? That needs to stop.

So, I challenge all of you who are reading this. If you witness another person going out of their way to act in a manner which discourages, hurts, or even annoys another individual, call them out.

Let’s spread the word on what common courtesy truly means and get people to stop being jerks, one person at a time.