Home for homecoming

Alumni returned to Ferris to visit and reminisce during homecoming weekend

Homecoming is a time for alumni to regroup and relive their experiences as students here at Ferris.

A week of activities got many students excited for homecoming, but for the alumni, the actual activities happened on Saturday.

During the tailgating before the football game, Ferris set up tents to welcome home the various college majors. From food tents for the college of business, to a pop-up with key chains for the college of pharmacy, there was a tent for everyone.

Alumni each had different reasons on showing up to homecoming.

“I got invited back because it is the 50th year since I graduated, and they got us into the golden eagles club,” Ferris College of Business Class of 1969 alum Dick DeLaere said. “I am looking forward to the football game, they have lots of potential. It’s a beautiful day out to play some football and it sure is perfect tailgating weather.”

Others came back to reconnect with their old friends from college.

“I got a chance to meet up with one of my friends right here at the alumni tent,” Alumni Ferris College of Business Class of 1969 alum Gary DeLong said. “Right across from me is my old roommate here. Well, it’s additional fun to come here because sports are doing amazing now. Back in the 60s we were not doing so well.”

Things have changed in the 50 years since DeLaere and DeLong attended classes at Ferris.

“The alumni parade was a disappointment from 50 years ago,” DeLaere said. “They used to have all the Greek life get floats for the parade. They also added many other programs and really they are all good fields to go into.”

DeLong has seen changes as well.

“Back then we only had 2000 freshman coming in and we had no graduate programs,” DeLong said. “Now it seems like you have 10,000 people coming in to study at Ferris. That seems like a huge change.”

Even more recent alumni are noticing the changes.

“A lot of new buildings, my husband and I got married in the old Rankin Center before it got torn down,” Ferris College of Nursing Class of 2013 alum Jennifer Lokers said.

Ferris College of Human Services and Education Class of 1994 alum Brooke Rooks agreed.

“My old dorm is gone, it’s just grass now” Rooks said. “Plus, the library is [FLITE] when I knew it as the TYME.”

Similar to her mothers experience, Rooks’ daughter, Ferris business administration junior Kendall Rooks’ old residence hall, Vandercook Hall, will also be taken down soon [Week of Sept. 18 Issue].