Easy eats

Where to eat when you’re tired of dining halls

Ferris hospitality management senior Shane Hyman cooks a pot of ramen noodles in a residence hall kitchenette. Torch file photo

While the Rock and Quad have adequate food, students such as Ferris professional tennis management freshman Nick Beijer sometimes like to take an alternative route.

Beijer has never attempted to use the kitchenette in his residence hall. Instead, when he’s craving something different, Beijer will usually walk from his room in McNerny Hall to Erbert and Gerbert’s or Qdoba.

When Beijer can’t go out, he will eat meals such as macaroni and cheese and Hot Pockets. He also tends to eat small snacks. Beijer advises other students to find people to eat with to make it more enjoyable.

Ferris allied health sophomore Anna Young and her roommate, criminal justice sophomore Cidney Hoffman, enjoy eating together. Hoffman prefers to make microwavable meals, such as soup and pasta. Young and Hoffman buy their own food they can make in their room instead of going out. They often share pizza rolls.

Young and Hoffman like to eat out at Qdoba, much like Beijer and other students. They also enjoy eating at McDonald’s, although they would rather make their own food.

When Ferris pre-optometry sophomore Emma Tussey doesn’t have the time to run to Subway, she will go to her friend’s apartment when she is hungry. Although Tussey has not yet had the chance to use her residence hall’s kitchenette this year, she did last year. Tussey liked making desserts and baking macaroni and cheese.

“Making my own food is really rewarding and it tastes better sometimes,” Tussey said. 

Microwaveable meals