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Throwback Thursday

Many of the best things in life happened in the 90s: fashion, Dunkaroos, celebrity crushes (I’m looking at you, Aaron Carter).

I’m “technically” a 90s baby, but seeing as I was born in 1998, I can’t truly consider myself one. My time alive in the 90s was spent learning to talk and being completely unaware of my own existence.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become appreciative of the great music the 90s and early 2000s had to offer. I even worked at a throwback hip-hop and R&B radio station over the summer, so I could soak up all the Nelly and TLC hits every day.

Here are my favorite throwback songs, perfect for any party or road trip. Good luck trying not to sing along.

Ride Wit Me – Nelly

I’ve never met a single person who doesn’t like this song. It instantly livens up the party, and it’s impossible not to dance to it. Fun fact: my dad used to think Nelly was saying “pass me the bunny” instead of “must be the money,” so if you’re ever around me when this song comes on, those are the lyrics I’ll sing.

Favorite lyric: “Measurements was 36, 25, 34.”

Just Lose It – Eminem

This song is appropriately named, because when my playlist shuffles to it, I do, in fact, “Just Lose It.” I’ve always been a huge Eminem fan, and even if his music is super raunchy, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Favorite lyric: “What’s your name, girl? What’s your sign?”

Stronger – Kanye West

I actually completely forgot about this song until a couple years ago, and now, it’s often one of the first songs I queue up on Spotify. It’s a feel-good song and always gets me pumped up. It’s so versatile: I can play it while at the gym, pre-gaming for a party or doing homework, and it will put me in a really good mood. Plus, it’s so fun to scream “Take this, haters!”

Favorite lyric: “Take this, haters!” (Obviously)

Work Out – J. Cole

This is one of those songs where I’ll shamelessly sing both the words and the beat. It’s a classic and literally EVERYONE knows this song.

Favorite lyric: “Damn, they don’t make them like you no more.”

Ms. Jackson – Outkast

I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson. OOOOH! I. Am. For. Reeeeeaaaallll.

This song is so irresistible. I’ve heard so many covers of this, and while the original is obviously the best, it’s hard to mess up because it’s so great. I haven’t heard a single Outkast song that I haven’t loved, so this was a hard pick. (Honorable mentions: “Hey Ya” and “B.O.B.”)

Favorite lyric: The “ooooh” they do in the chorus