COLUMN: The quickest way to a sports fan’s heart

Top Taggart and the possibility of selling beer

If you are a true sports fan you know that beer and sports almost automatically go together.

You have a hot dog in your hand, the wind is blowing in your face and you cannot hear yourself think because of the crowd’s excitement behind you. Then you ask yourself what is missing in this picture. You did not think your first football experience here at Ferris could get any better than this. Instead of washing down that great hotdog with a water or a pop you might buy, you possibly could be buying something else refreshing from the concessions.

As of right now the students tailgate before-hand and most likely do not even go to the game. What if there was an incentive for the students to attend the games? The great part of this incentive is that Ferris athletics could receive more revenue from it.

Just with the selling of beer I believe Top Taggart could have an even greater amount of attendance and revenue at the football games.

With the additional revenue that can be created by the selling of beer and the creation of jobs in the concession stands the sky really is the limit with this thing. Since we just put a new turf field down on the football field why are we not doing everything we can to try to draw more people into the stadium to see the finished product?

The new turf field was about the only thing the athletic department did this year to help remodel their athletic program. With the additional beer sales that we could bring in, there are other things that could have been remodeled to try to bring in another class of great caliber athletes. We could have refurnished the locker rooms for men’s and women’s sports, we could remodel the athletic weight room and give them their own specified weight room, and overall, we could just better our equipment and field sites.

Obviously, these are not the only possible outcomes that could come with the sales of beer during football games, but I am positive that if we tried it out, we could see all the revenue that we miss out on.

From the outside looking in, you can see how there should not even be a question whether we should sell beer or not at football games. There are ropes that need to be jumped before this happens, but it doesn’t hurt to have wishful thinking.