COLUMN: Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself

From memes to Tik Toks: this is a real problem

Middle-aged moms sharing ‘dank’ memes on Facebook and teenagers posting ‘edgy’ Tik Toks have something in common.

Both tend to have Jeffrey Epstein tied to them. These post and memes are not happening at a slow rate, they are making up a lot of the content for these platforms.

It is not every day multi-generations can make fun a convicted sex offender that was awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

These tend to include Jeffrey’s suicide, or their lack of. But in some way these posts always tend to be comedic as well. Even with these posts being funny, it brings a terrible situation to light that needs to be addressed.

On Wednesday, Aug. 15, the Washington Post was the first major news outlet that raised light on the conspiracy theory of Jeffrey Epstein getting murdered, instead of suicide, to cover up all the frayed ends to rich people and sex trafficking.

People must understand that Epstein is a horrible person who had high ties with the Royal family, the Clintons and even President Trump.

It was even joked about on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Friday, Nov. 1. He asked Hillary Clinton in jest, “How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?” It has been a long conspiracy that the Clintons somehow murdered Epstein in some way.

Therefore, the common person thinks Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. He had these ties with powerful and rich people so if he testified, he would have had a chance to bring them down with him.

The Washington Post went to explain how breaking the hyoid bone breaks more in homicidal strangulations then in suicidal hangings, and that this finding of Epstein’s hyoid was broken in four different spots. This helped the conspiracy to further. In more recent news, Epstein’s brother hired an independent forensic pathologist. In the second examiners results, he said the autopsy “points to homicide.” The pathologist also talked about how some of Epstein’s injuries pointed to more of a strangulation rather than a suicide.

It also seemed weird how Epstein just made his will two days before he took his own life. Also, he oddly gave his estate 90 thousand dollars to the lawsuits that the estate would face.

In all seriousness, this matter seems like the majority of people wants more of an investigation to make sure all the crimes are pursued, and the truth will come out.

I personally wish that Epstein was looked after more because a person like him should not be able to just disappear like Houdini. He should have had to face the full consequences of his actions.