Ignorance gets you towed

DPS instructs how students should park, especially in winter

Winter weather brings a variety of new parking challenges around campus, but Ferris’ Department of Public Safety has some suggestions on how to avoid tickets.

“You must park within the lines of a designated parking space, or you could receive a ticket,” Ferris’ Director of Public Safety Bruce Borkovich said. “Of course, if the lines are snow covered, do your best to park where you think the lines would be. Obviously, based upon snow accumulations, it may be hard to see parking lines. Ferris does a great job of snow and ice removal, but there are going to be storms that make the task very difficult.”

One Ferris student felt particularly put off by this.

“I have a big truck, and if I missed the lines by a bit and I got a ticket, I’d be pretty damn pissed,” Ferris construction management freshman Nick Adams said.

DPS recommends if any student has any mechanical problems with their cars to call them immediately to take care of the issue. DPS will offer students advice on what they can do with their cars if they are found to be broken down.

“If the battery needs to be jumped, our staff will come out and jump your car, so you can avoid paying for a jumpstart. If your vehicle is otherwise disabled, you must immediately make plans for repair or removal” Borkovich said.

If a student fails to communicate with DPS, they are subject for their vehicle to be towed from campus, and that can be a hefty fine.

On the other hand, there are other ways for student’s cars to be towed from campus.

If a student finds themselves with six or more unpaid parking tickets, their vehicle is subject to be towed.

Another way to be ticketed or towed is if a student with a resident parking pass is not in their designated lot, or a without a pass in the vehicle at all.

A way for a student to park their car in a different spot with no consequences is to park at a meter with time on it.

DPS released a reminder exclaiming how all vehicles need to vacate the commuter lots between the hours of 2 to 6 a.m. so the grounds crew can operate proper snow removal before classes start. DPS stops ticketing meters weekdays at 5 p.m. at the University Center, Construction/HVAC building, and West Campus, but at The Rock Café, DPS continues to ticket until 9 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

One Ferris student had their own opinion on the times of getting ticketed at The Rock Café.

“I don’t think DPS should ticket the meters at the Rock past 8 p.m. because after that it is late night food, and paying for a meter is not worth the food they serve there,” Ferris accounting sophomore Adam Sinclair said.

DPS ceases ticketing parking citations at noon on Fridays, until 2 a.m. on Monday.

If a student has a guest over, the guest and student can go to DPS for a guest pass to park in a resident lot. The average guest pass last two to three days but have the possibility to last up to seven days.