Gaining the global perspective

Studying abroad helps you build lifelong relationships

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the city of your dreams while earning credits towards your degree?

Through study abroad, this is possible.

There are currently seven major international locations Ferris students can choose from. Ferris also has a plan for third party helpers, meaning if a student has a specific destination in mind, the university can help them find a third party to help students earn the right credits in the country of their choice.

Along with the third party, there are two other possible ways to study. One is an exchange program, where a student lives abroad on their own. The other is a faculty-led program, where Ferris faculty escort a group of students and teach classes in a different country.

Ferris education abroad coordinator Megan Hauser-Tran said she loves seeing how students have changed after their educational journey. She said she can see that the students who come back have done everything they possibly could to absorb the new and different cultures.

“We do not have specific partners in Latin America or Africa quite yet, and I think it would be an excellent opportunity for students if we could find partners in those locations,” Hauser-Tran said.

Hauser-Tran understands the many reasons why people choose not to study abroad. However, she encourages students to consider the options before assuming they are not interested.

“Before you completely write it off, just look into it. Before you say it’s too expensive, come and look at the options we have because they are affordable. There are many ways to fit a study abroad in,” Hauser-Tran said.

There are scholarships and financial aid available for trips, depending on where and what you are studying. Some students have even started GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for their trips.

Most students stay in available student housing at these locations, but there are also apartments and host families periodically.

Weekly workshops are held 1 p.m. every Friday in IRC 104.