COLUMN: OK, but TikTok is where it’s at

Except the lip-syncs...

People need to get over their egos and accept the fact that Vine is dead and Tik Tok has lowkey replaced it.

Now before you jump and say that Tik Tok is cringey let me explain. You’re probably thinking of the lip-synching and dancing videos that are a true plague on the app which I will agree, those are pretty cringey. But if you look on the other side of the app, you’ll find the majestic and beautiful comedy side which has been single-handedly responsible for a variety of the newest memes and trends on the internet at the moment.

Tik Tok’s set up allows for a variety of users to blow up and be discovered through the For You page which pushes a lot of users to try and come up with creative and original content. Even some of the top music hits have a direct connection to Tik Tok. Lil Nas X, the man responsible for Old Time Road, credits Tik Tok for blowing the song up, and propelling him into Stardom. Truth Hurts by Lizzo was released back in 2017 and just this year became a hit. Everyone knows this was with the help of Tik Tok.

I wasn’t always on board with Tik Tok because of the lip-synching videos I had seen when the app was still known as, but after a friend convinced me to download the app, I became addicted. And surprisingly enough have come to love Tik Tok more than I even loved Vine.