Barstool Ferris

Behind the scenes at Ferris

Dominic Gallagher is the “Big Cat” of Ferris State University.

He runs the Barstool Ferris accounts. He said he knew about Barstool Sports back from Olivet University, the school he transferred from. When he transferred to Ferris, he knew he needed to find something to do in his free time. He decided he would message Barstool to see if he could run the Ferris accounts.

“Barstool set me up with my region manager, and we set up my account right away,” Gallagher said.

For those who do not know what Barstool is, they are a blog full of sports and pop culture. The concept is full of laughs and real-life events. Ferris students can use the Barstool account posts to see what is going on in Big Rapids. The videos range from a person jumping into a puddle and slipping to someone jumping off of their roof into a crowd of people and getting evicted. These are 2019’s top two videos in Gallagher’s eyes.

Gallagher is the ultimate decision-maker of which videos get posted on the page, but he said he does have a few close friends he confides in when he cannot decide.

“I have been running this account since January 2018, and I have seen some things go on in this town you wouldn’t believe,” Gallagher said.

Madalynn Mieske and Jon Cooney are the two people who can now call themselves the best of Barstool Ferris 2019.

Cooney submitted his video the day after it happened, so he especially did not think it would be posted.

“The perks we got after was just a little more followers, but other than that nothing really,” Cooney said.

Neither Mieske or Cooney knew who was running the account, but they had heard of him. They figured since there were already videos on the page, they knew the account was a real and successful one.

To see more of life at Ferris, go to @barstoolferris on Instagram or Twitter.