Time to High-Fi the Wi-Fi

Ferris internet lacks the strength to burden the load

I can recall going back to middle school where we received a grant for a tech room where each table had their own projector computers and were equipped with enough laptops for individual projects. The idea was marvelous that we were connected to the web in order for us to have an engaging experience.

Later in high school, laptops were rented to classrooms for various projects, not being limited for only one classroom for use. With college, it is essential to connect to the internet daily to work on assignments given via Blackboard. Any research paper assignment mostly comprises sources found online. Needless to say, the use of internet has lost its magic, only leaving us with headaches and frustration.

Ferris has seemed to add to this frustration with its poor fidelity.

I find myself in the later afternoon in the library losing internet connection time after time. This continued interruption only encourages me to use my desktop in the dorm, or to work elsewhere there is a non-Ferris connection. I should be encouraged to want to spend my time in the facilities provided by Ferris, but only finding myself wondering why I am not able to have a solid internet experience.

I am not saying I am sure of what is holding the internet back, but it feels like its current state is not able to support the current amount of traffic. I even find myself struggling on my phone to keep a connection in the middle of the night when the web traffic should be at a lower point.

I want to send a plea to have our internet access improved throughout the university. I appreciated the fact that linking to the internet was made with less hassle with some devices not having to be registered. But, if it would help the workload, further address the issues that would improve the integrity of internet, that in turn, makes classwork less of a stress.