Torch Confessions

Beer Pong

Once upon a time I was at a house party at my friends house and was playing beer pong while also doing an assignment.

This was a very bad idea in case anyone was thinking about doing this. While I was a multitasking wizard, there was a freshman who kept coming over and talking to me.

Even though this was during my sophomore year this was the first college house party I had gone to. So naive me thought this guy was just trying to be friends. Fast forward one assignment done and three rounds of beer pong won, this freshman comes up to me and says, “If my partner and I beat you in beer pong will you go on a date with me?”

Now I had won six games in a row while doing homework, so surely I could win this one game while I had my entire focus on the playing, right? Wrong!

With two cups left we lost. Now I had told this guy I would go on a date with him. My friend came to my rescue though and told the freshman that we were in a “throuple” with my pong partner.

One of the most awkward situations I have ever been in.