Updating protocols

Housing begins locking side doors for safety

Despite this winter’s harsh conditions, Ferris State has decided to lock side doors to dorms campus wide in an attempt for better security.

In an effort to better security protocols, housing has decided to shut off the card readers on all side doors of residence halls from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night. This means the only way students can enter the residence halls during these hours is through the main lobby doors.

Some students think the reason for the security protocol links back to the large fight which occurred in Miller Hall back in the fall semester.

Ferris mechanical engineering freshman Sydney Chambers feels safer with the new measures.

“I think it’s a nice safety measure,” Chambers said. “I don’t personally think about who is coming in and out of the dorms and I’m assuming they did this because something had happened, and they felt like they needed to do it, so I’m glad that they did.”

Ferris criminal justice freshman Irvin Foster didn’t really have an opinion on the matter yet seeing as the side doors to his dorms haven’t been locked yet.

“Every time I’ve tried to go in through the side doors at late night they’re still unlocked,” Foster said. “So, I don’t have any problems with it yet.” With harsher weather occurring in the spring semester some could see the doors being locked as a danger.

“To a certain extent I think it could be dangerous considering the weather, but I feel like I personally wouldn’t be in any danger its more of an inconvenience having to walk around to get into your own building.”

Foster said. Ferris pre-pharmacy freshman Macie Ilmberger tends to spend most of her time in the dorm during those hours, so she wasn’t too bothered by the change. Housing didn’t respond to a request for an interview.