A True Bulldog

Riley Blair continues to leave a legacy on and off the court

Ferris senior guard Riley Blair is a superstar on the court who has earned the respect of so many.

The senior’s dominance on the floor has been an integral part of the Bulldogs’ success this season, but personality, passion, and dedication to her team are also huge pieces of what makes Blair so special to them.

Ferris women’s basketball head coach Kendra Faustin spoke highly of Blair. Faustin said it was difficult to put into words just how much the senior means to her team but made sure to emphasize Blair is a person that everyone wants on their team.

“She is incredibly mentally tough,” Faustin said. “She is a Bulldog. If you had to define a Bulldog that would be her. She’s relentless and she just does it while she has so much fun.”

Blair may be a warrior on the court, but a lighthearted and easygoing person otherwise. Described by both Faustin and fellow teammate freshman guard Mallory McCartney as “goofy,” Blair has the innate ability to keep spirits high while also acting as a leader for her teammates.

“She’s a crazy fun person off the court,” McCartney said. “She’s goofy, she lightens the mood with all of us and then on the court she just takes the leadership role. She can tell all of us what to do and we all listen.”

The chemistry between the Bulldogs is fantastic and Blair is a huge part of that. A natural and vocal leader, she is admired by her teammates. McCartney was especially appreciative of Blair’s mentorship.

A thrill seeker in her free time, Blair loves rollercoasters and outdoor recreation. Recently, she has taken an interest in hiking and would love to visit Denver for the outdoor attractions.

At the end of the day, Blair just wants to win. She won the GLIAC North Division Player of the Week three times this year, but the senior keeps her focus on winning games rather than awards.

The desire to win has always been a huge part of Blair’s life. Even her favorite childhood memory dealt with her natural competitiveness.

“We used to have this mini-hoop inside our house and my brother and I used to go down there almost every night and just go at it 1-on-1,” Blair said with a reminiscent smile. “It was the most competitive , serious thing. You would’ve thought it was the NBA Finals.”

Blair’s Bulldogs are currently riding a seven-game win streak, fueled by her 20.3 points per game during that stretch. She will look to help keep her team in the win column when they visit Ashland 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30.