Apartments vs. Houses

Preparing for next year, which is the better residence?

As the second semester begins, the hunt to sign leases for the coming year ramps up.

There are a wide array of different living situations in the area. Narrowing the options can be somewhat difficult. However, there are a couple of things to consider in the house versus apartment debate. Space and privacy continue to be a reoccurring topic.

Renting a house typically leads to more square space as opposed to an apartment. With a house you also tend to have more privacy by not being directly connected to other living spaces. If you are lucky enough you might also score some nice yard space and a garage.

“I personally prefer a house because I really like how quiet and private it is,” Ferris criminal justice junior Riley Eggers said. “It’s really nice because you feel like you have your own space, but you still have roommates close by. Apartments can be loud, and not spacious enough.”

Ferris business administration junior Brendan Hart said, “I can kind of do whatever I want and not have to worry about too many people or noise complaints.”

The roommate situation can also determine whether a house or an apartment will be a better match. When renting a house, students are responsible for finding their own group of roommates to live with them. When renting an apartment, you can either enter in blind or take part in the roommate matchmaker quiz.

Hillcrest Oakwood Property uses a roommate matchmaker quiz. Some of the possible questions are ‘do you smoke?’ ‘do you have pets?’ and ‘do you stay up late?’

“Oakwood is also willing to transfer roommates somewhere else if there ends up being difficulties which is something houses are not able to do,” Oakwood leasing consultant Eric Beauchamp said.

If you tend to be extremely accident prone, maintenance availability is a third consideration.

“In my experience with housing, private landlords are sometimes snowbirds, and therefore maintenance needs are not met in the spring,” Beauchamp said. “Oakwood has 24-hour maintenance on basically a moment’s notice. They are even willing to show up after hours.”

One of the more pressing matters when deciding on housing is the cost. Fortunately, the cost does not vary dramatically between houses and apartments. As many are aware, student enrollment has decreased.

As a result, bed space has increased with fewer students, and rent prices have declined due to this. Four-bedroom spaces run around $390-$450, whereas two-bedrooms are slightly more expensive running around $480-$520. It varies based on which apartment complex or realtor you rent through.