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Are cellphones really that helpful?

I’ve always been for efficiency, why do something the hard way when one can take a smarter approach? I see phone as a tool for note-taking, planning, calculations and other uses that prove to be a benefit. Around Thanksgiving time, my perception with phones changed when my phone became unresponsive. Realizing that I needed a phone as soon as possible, I quickly looked to the internet to order a new one. This order took four weeks to arrive, which left me with more issues than I thought.

Since everything I used was signed on the phone, most logins gave me problems since I needed my phone for account verification. This also was a problem when I tried to actually order, which took a couple of hours to resolve a workaround. Accounts aside, the bigger problem I dealt with was not having a form of communication mainly from work. Most house holds nowadays opt-out of using landlines, so I had to be glued to my laptop for the most part in case I was called in.

In a way, It was nice to be detached from the habit of technology on me at all times. Not having a cellphone left me less distracted from notifications that would otherwise take away from what I was doing at the time. But in present time, it isn’t really particle to not have a phone for the most part. A time where most everyone expects that others can communicated in almost an instant. I also found while looking up phones, to get even an acceptable quality of phone was hard to come by at a low price. Most of the cheaper end models always seemed to have glaring issues that could make simple tasks a pain.

From looking at the perspective of not having a cellphone for a long period time, it seemed to be a double edge sword for as much as it can provide, or remove.