MTA announcement coming soon

EU has a variety of events coming up, and an MTA announcement, too

Ferris’ Entertainment Unlimited (EU) RSO is hosting an array of upcoming events and will soon be announcing the artists performing at Music Takes Action (MTA).

EU is responsible for a large amount of the events available to students throughout the year. From speakers to musicians, comedians and even grocery bingo, they’re behind the scenes doing the preparation and booking for a lot of Ferris’ most entertaining events. Maybe most importantly, they’re responsible for everything that goes into MTA.

MTA is Ferris’ annual charity concert. Over the last few years it has featured artists such as Jesse McCartney, blackbear, Frankie Ballard and Lupe Fiasco. EU will be making the announcement of who will headline this year’s event soon according to Ferris music and entertainment senior and MTA co-coordinator, Veronica Anderson.

The announcement could come as soon as Jan. 29 but may take longer as EU works with the artist to create a promotional plan.

While little is known about who will play the concert, Anderson said the lineup will feature a headliner, an opener, and a DJ opener, similar to last year’s Jesse McCartney concert, at which a DJ and pop musician MAX opened for McCartney. The concert will also take place in Wink Arena for the third consecutive year.

When the announcement comes, EU will be releasing the information on social media. They can be found on Facebook at Entertainment Unlimited, and at the MTA Facebook page: Music Takes Action.

Ticket prices will be reduced from last year’s price of $10 to only $5 during the initial sale period to students which will take place from Feb. 3 to Feb. 14. Students are only able to purchase one ticket during this time. After Feb. 14, tickets will be available to the public and students may purchase additional tickets.

In addition to the announcement of who will headline MTA on April 4, EU has a variety of other events coming up in the nearer future, including stuff-a-plush, which has drawn large crowds of students in the past. That event, at which students can stuff their own stuffed animal to take home, will take place on Feb. 18 at 11 a.m. While it’s scheduled to run until 1 p.m., organizers said it will go as long as supplies last, which isn’t expected to be longer than an hour and a half due to the large turnout for the event in the past.

Along with stuff-a-plush, EU is hosting former professional baseball player and inspirational speaker Chris Singleton on Thursday, Jan. 30. Singleton played professional baseball for the Chicago Cubs, and has been featured on ESPN’s E:60.

His mother was among nine churchgoers murdered at Mother Emanuel AME church in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina by a white man trying to start a race war in 2015. Singleton speaks about this experience, and about the forgiveness he has for his mother’s murderer.

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