Vaping Revisited

How last year’s ban on flavored vapes affects Ferris students

Just months after a judge blocked the e-cigarette ban in Michigan, the Trump administration signed into action that the FDA can ban certain vape products.

The ban is specifically targeting closed-pod systems, and flavored pods that come pre-filled. Pods that contain menthol and tobacco however will remain untouched as well as open-pod systems that require users to prepare their own vape juice.

Because of this Ferris mechanical engineering freshman Austin Banner felt indifferent by the ban, considering he tends to use the open-pod systems that aren’t affected by the ban.

Local businesses such as E-Cig Outlet believe that the ban will likely affect their business, specifically the revenue that they received from selling products such as Juul or Blu.

Although the Federal law was enacted effective immediately, businesses and local government still have a guidance period to learn how the ban works and how to enforce it. E-Cig Outlet manager Nick Krave explained how long guidance period was.

“They’ve given 180 days to issue guidance for the individual retail shops so that we know how to comply with the law and they gave another 90 days to issue guidance to the states on how to enforce it.” Krave said.

Ferris mechanical engineering technology sophomore Gavin Keon held a strong opinion on the matter.

“I think that it’s dumb that citizens of the United States can serve and die for their country but are unable to purchase certain vape products. I think if they want to do that, they should be able to do that,” Keon said.

Ferris accounting junior Brandon Sweet doesn’t personally vape but held mixed opinions about the ban.

“Do I think it’s good for you? No. But I think it definitely helps people with anxiety and things like that. Other than that, it doesn’t really affect me, only the people around me. If it passed through, there must have been enough people who thought that this was an important issue,” Sweet said.

Since state police cannot enforce the ban, people are still legally allowed to purchase these products. Krave said that there was no way to tell when the ban would officially go into effect.

“Best case scenario it can be around August or September, worst case scenario it can be when you walk out the door,” Krave said.