New year, new you

The winter warm-up’s tips and tricks for improving your health in New Year

Many New Year’s resolutions tend to be forgotten the later it gets in the year, but some people manage to keep them up.

Ferris dental hygiene junior Alysa Jauss resolved to look at things more positively and treat every experience as an opportunity for growth, and so far it’s been working for her. One opportunity was the Winter Warm-Up, which had been set up by some friends and seemed like a great chance to learn about eating healthily and hang out with her friends.

For those that hadn’t managed to stick with their resolutions, the Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services was there to help with their latest event in the Fridays at Ferris Initiative, a set of events run by CLACS to help students stay safe on campus while meeting others and having fun.

“I’ve always liked the idea of event planning and helping Ferris students find why they’re here and then choose to stay here,” said Ferris finance junior and CLACS engagement leader Christine Labby.

For the final Friday of January, Labby took advantage of the health kick that tends to come with each new year and organized the Winter Warm-Up. The new year isn’t just about resolutions; it’s a way to welcome in the future. Being able to develop healthy habits early in the year is important, so the event primarily showcased physical health.

There was a high intensity interval training class that was well received by students, followed by yoga which had slightly lower attendance. For those who were there for the food, there was a table with assorted vegetables with dip and trail mix, in addition to a collection of different healthy eating packets. Big Rapids Nutrition was also able to attend and had samples of some of their popular shakes and teas; for more information on healthy drinks that still taste great, students were invited to check them out on Instagram @bigrapidsnutrition.

In addition to the classes, Labby set up a table where students could create vision boards, and while overall attendance was low, many people stopped by the tables to look at the quotes. There were also magazines students could create a collage from, stickers, and a variety of fancy tapes that could all be used on the student’s choice of stationary.

“The food was really good and I was really excited about doing the vision board,” said Ferris nursing sophomore Kate DiRosa, who had resolved to delete social media for a month, though she hasn’t been able to get started on it quite yet.

Friday, Feb. 7, CLACS will be putting on the Headphone Disco. Labby encourages everyone to attend and, if any student has a problem, she promises that CLACS is here to help.