Residence Hall of Terror

Horror stories about FSU roommates and suitemates

Matt Kohls, Criminal Justice Freshman

His roommate “wouldn’t flush the toilet” after using it, he “wouldn’t clean or rinse out his toothpaste,” and made a mess all over the mirror.

His roommate also came to Ferris solely because his high school girlfriend of four years went here. They ended up breaking up a month into the fall 2019 semester, and he transferred at the end of the semester because he was devastated. He would play the guitar, listen to Ed Sheeran and play video games until three in the morning. He rarely left his room.

When his roommate was depressed, he would “eat in his bed; his bed was nasty,” and he wouldn’t wash his sheets, Kohls said.

He finally got over her and went on a drinking binge with a friend from another university.

Lauren Donkin, Elementary Education Junior

Her freshman year here, she was friends with her roommate at first. But then her roommate became jealous that she was “better friends” with her suitemate.

Her roommate would “purposely stay up until 3 a.m. with the lights on,” and she stopped getting lunch with her every day because she was so jealous.

Her roommate never said a word when she moved rooms during Thanksgiving break. She also took Donkin’s fan and extension cord when she switched rooms, and never asked for them.

Brooke Cunningham, Social Work Senior

Her freshman year in North Hall, Cunningham woke up to her roommate “sharpening a machete” for her backpacking class. Her roommate’s boyfriend lived in their dorm room for months on end because their hall was the only one with air conditioning.

Her time in North was, “horrid; they were both slobs and would be up until 4 a.m. playing video games and listening to music,” Cunningham said.

Her roommate also didn’t shower regularly, so “she would spray her body with Febreze in the morning, take a baby wipe and wipe the bottoms of her feet, and put on a beanie and go out for the day,” Cunningham explained.

Her roommate would also “make steaks in the microwave, and would roll pickles in bologna and eat it like a sandwich,” so Cunningham’s room always smelled awful.

Ferris Sophomore (wanted to remain anonymous)

This Ferris State sophomore shared that she has “never met someone less self-aware of how obnoxious they can be” than her suitemate this 2019-20 academic school year.

“She talks on the phone with it on speaker, full volume, and practically yells when she’s talking so that I can hear all of her conversations. She slams drawers when she closes them, and never buys any toilet paper, and the few times she talked to me in the beginning of the school year, she talked my ear off,” stated the Ferris sophomore.

Ferris Sophomore (wanted to remain anonymous)

His freshman year, any time he left the room, his roommate would be masturbating.

“Once I was going to leave for Christmas break, I packed up all my things, but I left something in my room. I walked back into my room and caught my roommate jacking off. Didn’t apologize. After that we never said another word to each other,” this sophomore explained.