Why Ferris 1st?

Ferris shares diversity through videography

Getting to know the community and becoming aware of the diversity Ferris shares is the idea behind the video series “Ferris 1st” shot by videographer Hannah Crouch.

Crouch interviews students from a range of backgrounds, asking them why they decided to choose Ferris to continue their studies. With the videos, students can share personal stories of making important decisions and events which have shaped their lives.

Crouch describes the experience of interviewing students as something that has touched her in many ways.

“Everyone’s got a story, they are all similar but different,” Crouch said.

One person who has be spotlighted in the videos is Dejujuan Nelson who is part of the Department of Public Safety. Nelson said Ferris was his first choice due to the overwhelming sense of community the campus brings.

“No hesitation on my part, I knew for a fact I wanted to be back with all the guys that I knew,” Nelson said. “I’m completely satisfied with my decision because this department has the comradery, the whole family feel, and the whole respect level there is being back. It felt like I never even left, like I never even skipped a beat.”

Nelson also talked about some crazy stories associated with being a night shift police officer.

“As a night shift police officer, there are always crazy stories,” he said. “I’ve been involved with everything from pursuits to armed gunman on domestics while assisting other departments.”

“Ferris 1st” has been running for around five years, with interviews currently being scheduled for future videos. Candidates can volunteer themselves for the series by sending in their story or they can be chosen by Crouch.

Students are the main candidates for interviewees, but faculty and staff have also been part of the series. The videos can be found on Ferris’ Facebook and YouTube page.