How student employees make the best of their work

Many students work every day on top of being in school and clubs. This may sound overwhelming but some students working on campus find their jobs quite rewarding and surprisingly interesting.

Cameron Bourlier is a senior in actuarial science who works in the tutoring center on campus. Bourlier focuses on math and hopes to make an impact on students one tutoring session at a time.

“When someone says, ‘thanks that really helped,’ it makes me feel really good as a person when I can explain it to them well,” Bourlier said. “Or occasionally I’ll get ‘you explained it better than my professor does.’ Everyone learns differently and I have to give props to the professors because it’s hard to explain something to a large group of people,”

Bourlier pointed out that the job has other perks too. As a student with multiple jobs he finds it easy to maintain his time because the tutoring center is so flexible with his hours. They also allow Bourlier to do his homework on the job, which he says is a big bonus.

Jordan Williams, a senior in secondary biology and technical education works as a DPS dispatcher. Her job includes answering 24/7 emergency and non-emergency calls on physical altercations, medical responses, fires, and more.

“I like dealing with the students, I like talking to you guys, and being able to help people,” Williams said. “You help a lot of individuals whether it be sending someone over to a call or with events on campus. I like the community of all of it.”

Williams continued by saying that aside from being able to help students in need, another cool part of her job is being around all of the police officers who work at DPS.

“The officers know us and being able to interact and talk to them, I definitely think that’s a cool part of the job. Especially because I am not in criminal justice and wouldn’t talk to them otherwise.” Williams said.

Tyler Osborne works alongside Williams at what many students think of as the worst job on campus. Osborne is a junior in the Criminal Justice program and works as a service officer giving out parking tickets. Aside from dealing with students angered by the yellow envelopes Osborne finds his job is much cooler than you would think.

For one, he gets to drive a public safety vehicle around. He enjoys not being behind a desk all day and walking around campus.

“My favorite part is the positive interactions with the students around campus and helping people find buildings, especially for tours,” Osborne said.“The public has the most interaction with us because we’re actually out in the field.”

It is not always easy to find pleasure in your job, but these students are doing exactly that.

For more information about jobs on campus go to the portal located under the “life at ferris” tab in MyFSU.