His House Christian Fellowship

Encouraging faith and friendship

Coming to college can mean leaving behind a belief system students have followed all their life. His House helps guide students and gives them a community they can fall back on.

His House is an on-campus Bible-based Christian ministry that allows college students to worship outside of a regular Sunday church setting. His House formed at Ferris in 1987 and is also present at 11 other universities across Michigan.

Zac Netzel, a sophomore in plastics engineering, has been a part of His House for two years now. He enjoys the fellowship that comes with joining His House.

“I love going back to the guys house after meetings and just hanging out with people, it’s awesome” he stated. “It’s probably what most people go to His House for: the fellowship. It is very fellowship based and it’s a good community of people.”

His House is a ministry for students that want to become closer to their peers and God. Students who attend His House are encouraged to pursue the truth of Scripture and to bring their life in line with it.

Katelyn Berens, a sophomore in hospitality management also joined His House two years ago, she spoke about her experience in the group.

“It’s kinda cool coming back week by week and seeing the new people that just started at the beginning of this year and seeing how they are advancing in their faith and how they’re opening up to everyone else in His House” she said.

At each His House meeting there is praise and worship, biblical teaching, and prayer. Some students involved in His House also lead their own bible studies which students can attend to discuss lessons more in depth. There are also weekend retreats, service projects, and a mission trip to Mexico over spring break.

The His House mission trip involves building a house for a family in need. In order to attend the mission trip members individually fundraise through family, friends, and community members.

His House has two campus houses on S. Michigan Ave. which members can live in while attending Ferris. One house is for the women and the other for the men. After meetings students are encouraged to hangout in the respective houses to play games, eat, and talk.

Anyone is welcome to attend His House meetings and Bible studies. Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on the second floor of the University Center. For more information visit the His House website, fsu. hhcf.org or the Facebook page, “Ferris State His House.”