Hungry weekends

When do we want food? 24 hours!

Another weekend at Ferris, and what’s everyone getting? Decisions, decisions. Students are here about eight months out of the 12, and they require two things above most after dark: somewhere to study, and something to eat. Despite ideal conditions, why hasn’t there been an attempt at bringing a place where food and studying combine? Specifically, something available 24 hours, such as an IHOP or Steak & Shake?

These food chains provide fair-priced food that students crave, like burgers and milkshakes. The town would profit with such addition, jobs would become available — part time and full time. Students, as well as the town individually, could benefit from these places. As of right now, Ferris State students unfortunately lack a place that is available to them 24 hours for either studying or eating. We can all agree that the disposable money we love spending would be well spent at either, or a similar place.

Although two dining halls are already in place, they do not always provide the best space to accommodate the size of the student body. As well, space has become even more limited for students due to the recent hours cut at The Quad, forcing students to only have a single dining hall on the weekends. Also keep in mind the dining halls are also open to the general public. Students are aware of the townspeople and the sense of community they both individually hold. A certain understanding about the current restaurants and businesses in town has to be made — they are the entirety of this town and hold a close regard to the community. The idea of bringing another restaurant to town could mean harming the business of others, which is completely understandable.

When thousands of dollars are being placed in the hands of a university, the consideration for students’ needs should mind, especially when referring to their places of food and study. A location that invites students to eat and study in a comfortable area would liven up the town. If the university cannot provide such, a commercial alternative might be preferred.

By bringing a form of middle ground, it provides something for everyone that surrounds it. It is understandable that the process as a whole does not solely rely upon the town alone, but the campus as well. Such addition would only make the sense of community stronger and encourage students.