Withdrawal date hits, rosters are set

Ferris State students ended the week with withdrawal deadline

Ferris closed the door on withdrawal grades Thursday, Feb. 13, as students are now locked into classes and teachers have their rosters set.

According to the Ferris website, withdrawals from a class means the student did not complete more than 63% of their classes. This withdrawal does not count towards the GPA of students.

“It allows a student to get out of a class they are either struggling with or don’t understand without it negatively effecting their GPA” said Junior, Nathan Kellicut, a Product Design Engineering Technology major.

Prior to withdrawing from a course, students must meet with their instructor to discuss if a withdrawal is necessary. A signature or email from the professor is needed to complete the forms.

Students who take a “W” in a class before the set deadline are not required to pay for the class while students who withdraw after the deadline still need to pay.

Ferris students also have the option to withdraw from all classes during their time as a student. Withdrawing from all classes can affect a student’s financial aid tremendously.

According to the Ferris financial aid office, Title IV funds are given to students assuming they attend the entire awarded period.

“It isn’t ideal to pay for classes that you aren’t taking anymore, but it is not the university’s fault that you are withdrawing,” said rubber engineering technology junior Edward VanWassehnova.

Students are responsible for setting up the withdrawal process. Total withdrawals are done online while single class withdrawals are done through the student financial services located at the Timme Center.

In order to finalize a withdrawal, students must visit their respective Deans’ offices to gain approval before withdrawing from any courses. Withdrawing can be beneficial to students who believe they will fail the course.

“It can relieve the stress that one might have causing other classes to suffer as well because you are trying to save your failing grade,” said product design engineering junior Haven Robinson.

Ferris students also have the option to drop a class. Dropping a course means that a student missed the withdrawal date and still wants to remove the course from their schedule.

Dropping a class requires students to process a 4-part form that needs to be signed by the Director of Student Affairs. Students are responsible for filling out the correct paperwork in order to have their request processed.

Ferris State offers many different types of help for students who are in search of withdrawing from a course or multiple courses.

For more information on withdrawals, visit the Ferris website and type a search inquiry using the words, “Student Drops and Withdrawals,” or head to your academic adviser’s office.