Stepping up for sustainability

How the Bulldog Sustainability Alliance is saving the Earth one small act at a time

Climate change is a looming threat over all of us. Fortunately, there are some small things you can do to decrease waste and be more environmentally friendly.

However, small acts only go so far. The Bulldog Sustainability Alliance (BSA) plans to take things to a new level.

The BSA is a small RSO with a lot of ambition. The waste we produce is starting to affect our health and planet in scary ways. The group wants to change this through educating students on day-to-day sustainability and exposing us to new ways that we can be environmentally conscience.

Ferris BSA president and pre-pharmacy student Hanna Bronz described why this RSO is crucial.

“The Ferris campus is behind as far as other college campus’ go on their sustainable practices” she said. “There is a staff committee working, but there needs to be student involvement, and it’s something that I know people care about, but they don’t know how to make a difference or it’s just not easy enough for them.”

This is where the BSA comes in. They act as a voice on campus and plan to get people together to make our spaces cleaner. This year, however, Bronz says it has been hard for the BSA due to low participation in the RSO.

“The last two years our membership has just been down, and it’s been hard to make changes. We’re hoping to join up with the staff group and also find more members to have more manpower to make these changes,” Bronz said. “Really the biggest change we want to make is improving the ease of recycling because right now it’s just hard.”

Recycling is not the only issue the RSO tackles. In the past years they have worked alongside staff to clean-up the trash around campus and in the Big Rapids alley ways. The group is continually trying to find more ways to improve the campus.

BSA will be observing Earth Week April 20-24, and they host a number of events around campus. Some of the events include selling Honeybuns to raise money for the bees, a screening of “Wall-E,” as well as handing out reusable straws and bags.

If you are interested in joining the BSA they meet every other Thursday in FLITE 214 at 11 a.m., with the next meeting being Thursday, Feb. 27. You can also find them through Bulldog Connect as well as on Instagram @bulldogsustainabilityalliance, Twitter @bsafsu, and on Facebook under “Bulldog Sustainability Alliance.”