Stress lessons for tests

Birkam’s Personal Counseling Center hosts test anxiety workshop

Ferris is actively trying to combat test anxiety, something most college students struggle with, by hosting a Test Anxiety Workshop this past Thursday, Feb. 20.

This was a standalone workshop designed for students struggling with test anxiety, and was designed to teach students new ways to cope with anxiety using new strategies.

“The institution has support systems, and part of my job as an instructor is to make sure I make my students aware of these resources that can help them,” communications professor Sean Kolhoff said.

According to Oxford Learning, test anxiety affects an estimated 10 million students in North America; approximately 20% of students have high test anxiety, and another 18% of students deal with moderate test anxiety.

Students deal with anxiety on many levels, and test anxiety is one of the biggest issues university students face.

Incoming students are accustoming to college life on top of college exams for the first time. Stress is very high with new students, and these events are beneficial for not just new students but all students.

“Students carry high anxiety with a lot of pressure, and are trying to figure out life and trying to succeed,” said communications graduate student Bridget Roberts.

Ferris offers a Personal Counseling Center at Birkam Health Center to students who are dealing with all sorts of issues. From stress to family issues, the Personal Counseling Center has licensed counselors to support and help students.

The Personal Counseling Center hosts these events to guide students toward a less stressful approach to college, and to offer a more comfortable, open platform for speaking about their hardships.

Ferris’ Personal Counseling Center is designed for students to feel comfortable opening up to counselors and finding new ways to cope with what they are going through. They offer many types of services for students.

The Personal Counseling Center is offering three other test anxiety workshops from 11:00 to 11:50 a.m. March 5, April 2 and April 30 in the Birkam Health Center room 118.

For more information, visit Birkam Health Center located 1019 Campus Drive next to Johnson Hall, or visit Birkam Health Center on the FSU website